Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011_08_29 10 days in...

Well, I'm not sure what to journal about. I've done my second shot, and am getting used to my 8 hour schedule. And I am already tired of it. I'm not going to stop or anything like that, I just hate being tied to a clock. And I hate taking medicine.

Taking pause as I remember the message in church yesterday of "It could be worse." And it could. I am still one of the lucky people who qualify for treatment. I have a new and dear friend who cannot go through treatment because of her blood counts. That has given me something to pray about, and keeps my focus - I am one of the lucky ones. Treatment could make me very sick, and it hasn't. It could make me suicidal, and it hasn't. It could make me manic, and it hasn't. It hasn't affected my vision or caused any rashes (expected side effects).

I was mistaken before about when viral load will be looked at. I thought it was week 1, but it won't be until week 4. The blood work so far was just a CBC, as many people's white and/or red blood cell count drop. Mine was fine this week. So the next goal is to have an undetectable viral load at week 4. If I am clear at week 4 and again at week 12, the treatment will only have to be 24 weeks (instead of 48). That would be miraculous, and it's what I am asking prayers for.

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