Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011_08_20 I did it!

So we went to NOLA yesterday for "shot training." My peace had returned and I felt confident I could do it. I go to a meeting/service at church every Friday night, and it was nice to get some prayers said over me. I just love my church so much. It's full of sincere love and generosity, and made up of some really wonderful people.

So I got home about 9:30, took out a syringe to get it to room temp, then got myself set up. Syringe - check; Needle - check; alcohol prep - check; haz mat container - check; area cleaned - check; hands clean - check; reading glass to see what I'm doing - check; hubby and son to watch - check. Then I cleaned a spot on my belly with the alcohol prep and gave myself a shot. Mosquito bites hurt more. I really felt nothing from the stick. I do a slow push to let the medicine move into my system over several seconds. Then the whole set up goes into the haz mat box. I did feel the medicine within a few minutes. It gave me a somewhat metallic taste in my mouth for a few minutes, and it felt a bit metallic in my body. I never felt sick or anything like that, just odd.

Then just an hour later, I began taking the 2 oral medicines. They didn't make me feel sick either. Per doctor's suggestion, I've upped my melatonin dose and fell asleep peacefully and slept very well. My alarm went off at 7AM for another round of pills, then back to bed for a bit. So far, I am feeling well. A bit tired, but not sick.

I just feel 100% better about the shots now. I was so afraid it would be like trying to get to a splinter with a sewing needle. Not at all. It's a very tiny, very sharp needle and it went in like my flesh was butter.

Next Thursday (and every Thursday for a while) I will go for labs. If in one week my viral load doesn't go down to under 1000, that means the medicine is not working and treatment will stop (I honestly don't remember if everything will stop, or just the Incevik - the new drug). If, however, my viral load is zero at one week and again at 4 weeks, I will qualify for 24 week treatment rather than 48. That's the miracle I am praying for! (pre-treatment viral load is just over 800,000, and that is considered low)

I ask that everyone continue to pray for me regarding side effects. I am praying for none!

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